Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy Weekend Part 1

Wow…what a weekend.

Saturday I baked Guinness cupcakes and Sir and I went to see Mistress Fenreya.

First stop was at Synergy tattoo shop where Fen works as head piercing artist. The idea had initially been to go by, get my traygus piercing adjusted (the ring I previously had in it was either too tight or not quality metal) and talk to a tattoo artist, Cari, about a tattoo idea I had (a teddy bear with a gas mask as a shoulder cap to begin a sleeve concept I have) and get a price for it.

I got my nose pierced while I was there.

I’ve wanted a nose piercing since I was 13 years old. When I told my mom, her response was I could dye my hair any color I liked as long as my face stayed piercing free. I then asked to dye my hair purple. ^_^
So 10 years later, my nose is pierced with a pretty purple post and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I’m sure the people in the shop thought I was a huge baby because I squealed when my traygus piercing was changed - the ring that was in it before was soooo small and it took forever to get it out it seemed then the post she wanted to put in it wouldn’t fit…finally settled on a larger ring and already the swelling is down and it looks great.

I’d post a pic of the piercings but the nose ring is very small and looks like a freckle in the picture. When I buy another post with a larger head once this heals I’ll take a pic. 

(a lot happened so its going to be in parts)

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