Monday, December 12, 2011

More on Dark AgePlay Daddy and I experimented with Dark AgePlay, specifically the Consentual Non-consent and the corruption of innocence last night.
Ironically we didn't do anything different than normal. We used restraint (which I LOVE) and we used a few different positions that we normally use, and stretching and all of that which is something we've already been experimenting with.
But the difference was the mind set and the words. Daddy made me talk more about how things felt to me as I was in my Little mindset. And Daddy would say somethings that triggered strange feelings in me.
I grew shyer and shyer about how things felt, it also hurt more at the beginning which is different than normal.
Daddy, even when he was hurting me, spoke softly and sweetly to me and made the strange sensation of wanting to cling to him and pull away at the same time.
At one point he did hurt me and it scared me and that was out of the norm as well.

I don't know that we'll do it again as we weren't particularly comfortable with each other afterwards.
I do recommend that you have a safe word during the play as this play can bring up emotional and physical pain. I also recommend that you talk afterwards and do after care such as cuddling and soft talk and the like.
Bigs, reassure your little you love them after play like this. Littles, it might me a good idea to come out of the Little mind set after this and assure yourself that you are ok as well.

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