Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guardian Island Album Page

I am currently waiting on my Residency request to be confirmed, thought I would share my Album (Profile) here while waiting.

My GI Petname is nekomimiloli

My AgePlay Gender is Female

My Biological Gender is Female

My AgePlay role is InnerKid

My Current AgePlay Partner(s)
My Daddy, who is not on GI, is my RL husband and caretaker.

My Innkerkid Ages range to:
*Mostly Relate to: prepubescence
*Also Relate to: adolescence

Discipline in My AgePlay: half-n-half from my Daddy Only

Sexuality in My AgePlay: often and only with my Daddy

Disciplinary Limits on GI:
You may NOT spank or use physical discipline on me. You may NOT call me a bad girl or any derogatory names.
You MAY tell me No, or not to do something I should not be doing for my own safety or learning.
#3 Only non-physical discipline administered

Intimate Care Limits:
#2 Administered only with private permission

What Should You Know About Me
I am somewhat new to AgePlay and am testing the waters. I love being my Husband/Daddy/Dom’s little girl. I express my little mentality through Japanese Lolita Fashion, my favorite little activities (watching kids movies, coloring, playing with dolls), and simply snuggling with my Daddy. I also express myself with my blog nekomimi-BDSM.blogspot.com that not only allows me to discuss being an Innerkid but also a Fur and a submissive. I am happy to have friend who are also Littles as they are a sort of support system telling me that I’m not crazy ^_^

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