Saturday, December 17, 2011

All Tied Up

Sir Phryxus is working on creating a shibari rope corset for me for my birthday party on Tuesday.

Here is the work so far:

At this point we didn't have enough rope but the concept was good. I also like the feel of it around my rib cage. Daddy wanted to bring it down and between my legs but I had to explain that at some point in the night of drinking and frolicking I was gonna have to pee...its inevitable.

Now we have more than enough rope (I have a long tail not shown in the pics). The corset feels amazing even when I sit down. I like how the knotwork sort of looks like a spine (maybe I'm just morbid). Still hit a few snags such as the back being lower than the front and some of the cord overlapping in front but we know what to do for next time and will do another practice run either Sunday or Monday.
I already have my outfit picked out and its all designed around this corset ^_^


  1. Beautiful ropework! Even though you said it's not perfect yet, I think it looks awesome ^_^


  2. thanks panda's property. it was a bit sloppy but i was trying to hurry and thats what it came out to.