Monday, December 5, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 5

Sexual experiences with members of the same sex

My first sexual experience was with a girl. From I lived across the street from Brittany - a tall brunette cheerleader who was used to getting her own way. One night, I was spending the night and she talked me into what she called "practice sex" so we would be ready for when we had sex with guys.
She talked me into it. We didn't stay friends long as she pretended she didn't know me when we were in school...I was later informed that her coercion technically constituted as child-on-child sexual abuse. It certainly didn't help my self esteem at the time.

My second sexual experience was after I was married. This was with my old college roommate and Sir Phryxus so it was my first threesome. It happened suddenly without much discussion and lead into a very bad and somewhat emotionally abusive relationship. We, too, are no longer friends.
The sex was great tho.

I've roleplayed online with other girls but my sexual experience with them IRL is limited.

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