Sunday, December 4, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 4

What are your biggest Turn Offs?

Doms (that aren't my Dom) who feel they can control me simply because I am a submissive
Mushrooms...the kind you get on pizza...they're just gross lol
Pants and shorts that say Juicy or any other nonsense on the ass

Rape scenes and play
Being called a puppy or a slutpuppy - I really don't like it...I'm a kitty damnit!
Being called slut or whore (Unless there's Daddy's Little in front of it and its coming from Daddy himself)
Watersports, scat, pony or puppy play, clit torture (too sensitive), medical play

Badly written erotic literature
People who don't listen to safewords
Wannabe Doms who think just because you're in a BDSM chat, you're there for play - nope, I'm there for chat

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