Saturday, December 3, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 3

What are your biggest Turn Ons

Oh what a list...this is in no specific order

Patchouli and Stetson on Sir Phryxus

A shaved pussy filled either a penis or cum (or lube that looks like cum)
Lingerie (specifically stockings, petticoats, bloomers, and lace)
When Sir calls me His good girl
Nekos with anthros
Formal attire or lolita clothing
Naked buffets

Shibari as an artform
The feel of a collar around my throat

The feel of Sir's hands around my throat
horror movies (Strangeland specifically)
certain songs (Change by Deftones, Cry Little Sister, and others)
Being protected
Letting Sir Phryxus lick icing off my fingers when I'm baking
Coloring in nothing but my underwear

and most importantly
That look Sir Phryxus gets sometimes that is both true love and deep, burning desire.

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