Monday, November 21, 2011

Just some rambling

I just felt like rambling today...

Been baking Absinthe Cupcakes and getting things together for my Pumpkin Pie Pudding for Thanksgiving.
We've been so busy lately getting ready to move to Alaska in the spring, taking antiques to auction and getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

I've also been on a writing kick lately as I'm temporarily unemployed. Hope you all are enjoying that.

Sir Phryxus has been helping me with the stress by letting me, after the day's work is said and done, slip into little space and watch Disney movies or coloring in my Lisa Frank and Strawberry Shortcake color books. He even bought me a Minion plushie (from Despicable Me) today while he was out getting some work done.

Just spending the evenings trying to relax - even my personal cookbook says RELAX on the cover ^_^
I think tonight I'll cuddle Sir and my minion, watch a movie, and nom a cupcake.

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