Thursday, November 10, 2011

Essays and Stranger Danger

I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting some great, loving, intelligent people in the littles and BDSM community. One of these people is CuddleBear in the age^play chat room on CuddleBear has set up a great place for littles to not only learn about the lifestyle but also to hang out among like-minded people without the fear of “Stranger Danger” or people attempting to force sexual role-play upon them.

CuddleBear has been in the community for a number of years now and has shared his expertise in a collection of essays. I read these and learned quite a bit from them and wanted to share them with you, my readers, as well as share what I gleaned from them.

He started off with a small disclaimer that his essays are covered under the Creative Commons and that they are written from his perspective in a heterosexual Adult age play relationship. 

Stranger Danger

The first essay that CuddleBear posted was one is “StrangerDanger.” Every community has its…not so nice to dangerous people. In the age play community there is also the danger of pedophiles filtering in through link-to link-to link surfing online. This is not only a danger to the age play community but also to anyone in the community that has biological children. CuddleBear states that the best way to watch for this is to safeguard the community with knowledge – talk to others in the community and see who they have had problems with, search anyone you meet through the US databases that list pedophiles or others who have been imprisoned for sex-crimes, and, of course, always know the real name and address of anyone you meet off-line.

I love that CuddleBear offered this advice. There are so many people in the community looking for a thrill and not worried about the safety of who they meet and so-forth. I have had a few online relationships in the past and talked to friends who have had online relationships about what safety precautions are in place for meeting these people. It’s always good to let someone you know and trust know about the relationship, especially if you plan on meeting IRL.

This is one of the reasons why I show these safety precautions in my story about how Deiter and Dolly meet. Dolly keeps her friend Abby notified every hour of what is going on, where she is, who she is with. I would also, if I knew Dolly in-person, recommend giving Abby Deiter’s cell phone number and maybe even license plate number. You can never be too safe. 

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