Thursday, November 10, 2011

Essays and Ribbons and Dice

The second and third essays that CuddleBear shared were about the age of the little and different ways to handle Adult age play (meaning that there is sex or kinks involved).

Deciding How Old You Are

In my experience, which is quite limited, most littles have a set age. I however do not. My Daddy and I haven’t set an age due to our new-ness to the lifestyle and I don’t want to make Daddy feel pedophilic during sex-play. This is something we are handling with care and time. When we do platonic play I am usually 8-9 years of age.

CuddleBear says of this age-range: “Some girls want to be a preteen. Capable of independent thoughts and actions, curious about the world. Mostly happy and playful. Daddy worries about most of the real-life stuff but she also has chores and duties she must perform “or else.” Pubic hair is rarely seen.”

CuddleBear explains later in Essay #5 regarding Non-sexual age play, that the choice of age is sometimes due to any abuse done to the person in child-hood. I realized while reading this article why I chose the 8-9 age range. Before I turned 8, I was in the somewhat constant care of my grandmother while my mother flitted from school (she was a young mother) to re-hab to military. 
When I was 8 she came home from over-seas military base and became my full-time care provider…and thus the years of emotional and mental abuse began until I turned 19. I chose 8 years because up until that time I had been happy and can, during platonic age play, regress to that time and pretend that the next 10-11 years never happened.

Ribbons and Dice

Now, for those age-play-ers who like to play different ages depending on their mood, CuddleBear developed a way to decide on an age. He took a 20-sided die and in the morning they would roll this and what number it landed upon would be his little-girl’s age for that day.
This may work well for many but I have issues with a few ages due to the years of mental abuse I endured in my teen years and issues with younger ages as I do not enjoy diaper-play or being fully-taken care of with many day-to-day aspects.

His third essay is about The Ribbon Code.

To prevent miscommunication between little and Guardian (Mommy, Daddy, etc) and the need for the little to stop age play and be “Big” and have a big-people’s discussion about their wants and needs, CuddleBear developed the Ribbon Code.

“Imagine this scenario: you are one of the people who do enjoy rape-roleplay. You have spent your day just daydreaming of fun new ways to tease and act slutty so that you will get a good one tonight. But when you come home, your Parent has had a difficult day and all they want is to cuddle with you. You can't both have your way and be happy. This is the sort of situation that The Ribbon Code can help with!
What you need to do is sit down with your Parent and make a list of 6 fetishes that you both enjoy. Then you assign a different color to each item on the list and you both memorize it. Now, first thing in the day, you can both see what sort of mood you are in and you will both have all day to get into the mindset...and anticipate.”

CuddleBear then goes on to describe how he and his little play this particular game. He will come home and find his little with a set color of ribbons in her hair and know, without having to say a word, that she is in the mood for one of the six fetishes.

He recommends white for platonic , No-Touch play and red for rape-play. I later learned he uses yellow for watersports, blue for consentual/grown up sex, and black for BDSM.
Another way to play with this is to paint the sides of a six-sides die the corresponding colors, roll it and play with that color for the day/evening.

Daddy and I discussed the Ribbon Code last night and have decided our colors and will be buying barrettes to match (my hair is too short for ribbons). We stuck with the white for No Touch/Platonic play, Black for BDSM (with emphasis on beating, spanking and restrainment) and it is understood that I will always be the sub in any circumstance.
The list of colors and correspondences is going in my subbie journal.

Why Platonic No Sex Play?

CuddleBear explains the white ribbon code:

“And if you wonder why on earth anyone would ever want their girl to have white ribbons in an adult age play relationship, let Me educate you; white ribbons are fantastic because they CAN NOT allow any form of adult contact. For all intents and purposes, she will be your real daughter. Now all you have to do is maybe walk around the house in a loose bathrobe, lift some weights (do the things that you KNOW get her hot), and let the sexual tension start to build. And she will also be doing things like sitting or bending over improperly to flash her panties or give peeks down her blouse.

And if she crosses a line say, “brushing against you", or saying something improper, then you take her over your knee, lift her skirt, and give that girl a thorough spanking and stern lecture for “...acting like a little whore!” But after that, she still has those ribbons in, so nothing else can happen! How much willpower do you have?

Enforce white ribbons in your house for an entire weekend and sweet play becomes what I like to call “sweet torture”. By Monday you will both be ripping those ribbons off of her! It is also a superb way to introduce a new slave to age play because she knows she will be safe. It's like a permanent visual safe word.”

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